Turn of SSL (https) on a particular PHP page


I have a page where I want to turn of HTTPS redirection. Currently, my website loads in HTTPS automatically as “Always use HTTPS” is ON. And my SSL is Flexible. Now what I want is that on a particular page I want to turn of HTTPS to prevent mixed content as in that page http links are loaded. The page is on a subdomain http://demo.mydomain.com/surf.php. I asked this question before and someone suggested me to do the following.

`You’ll have to do it backwards, as Crypto’s HTTPS settings happen before Page Rules.

Turn off the Auto HTTPS Redirection, then use a Page rule for that one page to set SSL to Off, then a global Page Rule example.com that turns all the HTTPS stuff on.`

Then I tried the following:

  1. Turned on SSL to Flexible (On Crypto Page)
  2. Turn Auto HTTPS redirection off (On Crypto Page)
  3. Added Page Rule for http://demo.mydomain.com/surf.php where I added setting to turn SSL to Off (fires first). Please note its a sub domain.
  4. Added Page Rule for http://*mydomain.com* where I added setting to force HTTP redirection.

Still on this page http://demo.mydomain.com/surf.php its still getting redirected to HTTPS. What mistake am I making? Please help.

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