Turn firewall off my IP


I have a web panel on my server called “https://myserver.futurenode.dk:7777” (i have edited the URL to a random name - the port number is the same)

The problem is the page will not load if I have turned the Cloudflare protection on in the settings!

So I want to turn the Cloudflare off, so it doesn’t use Cloudflare protection for my IP - I have a static IP!

Can someone help me to create a rule?

// Thomas

You’d need to set the record for that host to DNS only so that it isn’t using Cloudflare’s services or expose the web panel on a port supported by Cloudflare’s proxy.


Hi @cscharff

I ended up creating a subdomain, instead of the port version :slight_smile:

It all works now…

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

// Thomas

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