Turkey, istanbul Data Center pop/cdn not working

Hello, thanks for this news Istanbul (not Constantinople): Cloudflare’s 124th Data Center

I have previously opened the title. ( Turkey, istanbul Data Center pop not working ) but then I was told it was no problem (from MarkMeyer) yesterday I added my website to Cloudflare. made the necessary settings. but most of the location of less than 1ms ping answer, unfortunately, is very high while the turkey. its also needs to be in the 1-10ms range. but not so.
I’m pinging your ip /my website ip address ( to various locations in the world. But turkey the data center does not work. because the ping response from other countries is 0-10ms. I threw off the ping response 40-50ms from turkey.

I would like to live in Turkey. Most of the user’s mywebsite will reside in Turkey.

please check https://asm.ca.com/en/ping.php to

What can we do for Turkey cdn work?

Please help me…

and from my pc. (my location giresun, turkey)

definitely not working. :frowning:

Definitely is definitely the last adverb I’d be using here :wink:

46 milliseconds is actually a pretty good roundtrip. Something like Riyadh’s 180 is already a lot more but still within a more or less reasonable range. It all comes down to your provider and their routing.

46 is definitely not a bad value and far far far far far from “not working”. I second @MarkMeyer’s original judgement that there is no problem.

Thanks for reply. For a country with pop point (turkey) I think a bad figure of 46ms. 156ms out of my own computer. this is a very bad figure.

While other pop points are in the 1-10ms range. Having a range of 46 or 150ms means that it is definitely not working.

You can see this situation from 2 separate photos above. :frowning:

46 is good. Though I have to admit that Iget an average of 0.85ms on my website from their Istanbul POP. How ever, our net ranges are completely different.

This seems to be routing thing. Either the path for is not properly advertised (unlikely since it’s the same ASN) or the local provider does some foo within their network.

You are in Turkey, right? Run a traceroute or MTR and post the result please.

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I can only repeat myself (and what @MarkMeyer already said), 46 is not a bad value. Sure a nanosecond :wink: would be better but 46 is quite reasonable. You would have to take this up with your ISP anyhow and not Cloudflare.

I, myself, have an RTT of about 25 to 30 milliseconds, slightly better than 46 but still far off the one millisecond you asked for, which is unrealistic anyhow, unless you are on the same switch.

Once again, 46 is not a bad number.

You definitely cant say it is “not working”, let alone “definitely”.

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Thanks for reply sandro and Markmeyer.

and mtr…

| WinMTR statistics |

Host - % Sent Recv Best Avrg Wrst Last - 0 28 28 1 3 21 1 - 34 12 8 6 46 129 103 - 11 19 17 4 65 274 4
55-samsun-t2-1—28-giresun-t3-3.statik.turktelekom.com.tr - 19 16 13 7 47 111 111
06-ulus-xrs-t2-2—55-samsun-t2-1.statik.turktelekom.com.tr - 16 19 16 9 32 81 81
06-ebgp-ulus1-k—06-ulus-xrs-t2-2.statik.turktelekom.com.tr - 10 20 18 8 182 799 8
302-ams-col-2—06-ulus-xrs-t2-1.statik.turktelekom.com.tr - 10 20 18 0 58 228 72
ae-15.r24.amstnl02.nl.bb.gin.ntt.net - 12 18 16 9 249 2966 72
ae-7.r03.amstnl02.nl.bb.gin.ntt.net - 19 16 13 11 86 163 16 - 5 24 23 7 51 99 78
302-ams-col-2—06-ulus-xrs-t2-1.statik.turktelekom.com.tr - 0 28 28 50 128 802 81 - 0 28 28 14 85 168 78
________________________________________________ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

yes MarkMeyer master. 46ms is good. But look, you get a response under 10ms. but I can not get a user as well as the turkey under 10ms. This also means that you have a nuisance problem.

I’m getting around 75ms from the provincial giresun the turkey. https://global.discourse-cdn.com/cloudflare/original/3X/1/4/14c62da306849d78f2083652ccb7e034638936b0.png As can be seen in this photo, even the Istanbul location can receive 46ms. There is an abnormal condition. because Cloudflare is said to be the Istanbul cdn / pop location. Must be around 1ms. at least Istanbul users need to be around 1ms.

I also reside in the province of Turkey’s giresun. I’m taking about 75ms. it should normally be no more than 30ms. If the Cloudflare is running towards Istanbul Pop Point.
In the meantime, thank you for your help and feedback. I hope my problem is solved.

Your ISP wastes up to 180 milliseconds only within his own network (this already does not take into account the 800 millisecond spike you also had). That is an issue you need to take up with them. The forum here and Cloudflare is the wrong place. If your ISP cant implement proper routing there is nothing anybody else than them can do about it.

If this is a serious issue the best advice might be to switch to a better ISP.

Two things I notice. You are going to the AMS POP, so an avg. of 85 ms is not bad per se.

Expecting 1 ms from Istanbul is unrealistic, because it depends a lot on the type of connection you have (I have for example full fiber from my PC to the POP and to the same city does ~2 ms, less is impossible.

What kind of connection do you have? What latency do you have for example to google.com or tr-ist-as199159.anchors.ripe.net or tr-ist-as202365.anchors.atlas.ripe.net or tr-ist-as48292.anchors.atlas.ripe.net, these last ones are in Istanbul and only there?


Matteo and sandro thanks for reply.

a person with a similar problem in another forum wrote:
------ -
Cloudflare opened Istanbul pop. but being sourced from high cost, only 8% of the turkey traffic (estimated) can benefit from this pop.
------ -

This person has mailed to the Cloudflare company.

Cloudflare wrote to the user:
------ -
hi there,

thanks for your patience here, our network team have advised that the reason users in turkey are not getting routed to the ıstanbul pop is because most of our free and pro traffic is disabled due to peering capacity constraints.

we will mark this as solved for the time being. please let us know if you have any further questions or issues by replying to this e-mail or ticket to have it automatically reopened.


kind regards,
------ -----

That’s right, according to this answer. Istanbul, Turkey can not benefit from the user point because pop does not work.

MarkMeyer sandro and matteo ; Thank you again for your help.

Well i didn’t know that there are differences in Turkey. I just compared my plans

Free: 54ms
BIZ: 0.85ms

Makes sense

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Agreeing with @MarkMeyer, sometimes on higher cost POP free plans are disabled leaving only paying plans (sometimes even only business). They don’t guarantee that every POP is usable at every moment by everyone.

Also your ping to Istanbul is 25 ms, so less than that will be impossible. I assume you have some sort of ADSL.

Thanks for reply @MarkMeyer and @matteo

Yes matteo i have adsl 24mbit.

Yeah, 25 ms for an ADSL is actually pretty good! You can’t hope for better than that. If you really need the Instanbul POP you should either upgrade (Pro or maybe even Business) or use a different service. From 25 to 46 is not that much though.

Yes, You have a point.

Though in the business plan there were even those who could not use Istanbul Pop.

Thank you all.

That must have been a temporary thing for maybe some DDoS that was in progress or something. Business plans have access to all POPs. Enterprise have higher priority, but no advantage to POP availability. It can happen for Free or even Pro customers to be removed or not allowed access to a specific location.

Thanks @matteo I hope that this location will be opened to all users as soon as possible. regards. Greetings from Turkey.

It’s usually an issue with ISPs, try contacting yours and see if they can peer with Cloudflare!

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