Turkey blocked DNS' Months Ago (Hijacked)

Hi. I’m from Turkey. is the fastest DNS. But Turkey REDIRECTED (HIJACKED) your DNS to Turk Telekom’s own DNS IPs when you announce this So same day Turk Telekom redirected your super DNS to fkin filtered Turk Telekom IP. What can i do for use Cloudflare dns? Even Wikipedia, Imgur are blocked.

Try as primary and as secondary.

Firstly, if you are in Turkey be very careful about what you say anywhere on the internet that could possibly be traced to you. The AKP government has jailed more journalists than any other nation. And ordinary people who are not even activists are regularly handed harsh jail sentences by a compromised judiciary for saying something critical of Erdogan, or his policies, or cronies on social media.

However if you do wish to evade Turkish censorship your probable best bet is to use Tor. It’s not, by any stretch of imagination, fast. But if you follow the instructions diligently it can be secure. VPN’s are an alternative that might provide a middle ground between security and speed of connection. I use Private Internet Access and I believe that in doing so the dns lookup is handled by their own dns servers. I don’t find a noticeable speed issue using a VPN unless I pick an outlet server on the other side of the planet to access sites a matter of miles from me. They even have servers inside Turkey still, though I think they had to close their Russian servers because of the actions of the regime there.