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When we use Cloudflare for our servers located in Turkey, we cannot access our sites from within Turkey when there is a problem in accessing Turkey from abroad. As far as we know, there is a Cloudflare datacenter in Istanbul. Why are our customers in Turkey affected when there is an access problem from abroad?

When you :orange: Proxy a site through Cloudflare, it has the same IP address all over the world. If Turkey blocks that IP address, or range, it blocks it for the entire world, including Turkey.

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There is no such thing as ip blocking. Last time, there was a problem in the international access of the ISP used by the Datacenter in Turkey. Users in Turkey could not reach the datacenter through Cloudflare proxy, but Cloudflare has a datacenter in Turkey. Why people in Turkey were affected by this. Shouldn’t they be accessed through cloudflare proxy in Turkey?

There most certainly is. That’s how Firewalls work.

I’m talking about this case, not in general. The problem is not related to IP blocking.

I’m guessing here, a staff member will know more, but maybe when Turkey stops access such as you describe the Istanbul DC (being cut adrift from the rest of the CF Network) may simply pause/hold/wait and not respond till it has full access to the CF Network again.

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We know the situation. Our local ISP was only having problems with traffic from abroad. There was no problem in local traffic and we thought that local users would access our servers from within the CF Istanbul datacenter without any problems, but both domestic and international requests could not reach our servers. All requests timed out

With what error? Error 522: Connection timed out or Error 524: A timeout occurred?

Half 499 Half 522. Turkey ISP had a problem from abroad requests

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