Tunstile protected Sites aren't working in Chrome

Hello Cloudflare Community,

sadly I have annoying problems with Turnstile when using chrome. It renders protected sites basically unusable for me.

Sites that are completely protected forward me to the “Please wait a Moment”-Page where I have to complete the capture. Sadly after completing it, I get redirected to the exact same page. As an example: https://docs.paperless-ngx.com/ (Ray ID: 7abec6408fab2181)

Sites which use it as addition for their login will simply reside in errors. As example: https://www.pietsmiet.de/auth/login

(Images are in the next post as the number of attachments for new users is limited)

Perhaps someone has an idea what I could do. Both example sites work perfectly fine on Firefox or Opera GX and also on other devices in the same network.

Thanks in advance!


I just accessed the site in Chrome 108 (I know, an old version) and was prompted to click the check-box to verify I was human. After doing that,I was taken to the home page. “Paperless-ngx is a community-supported open-source document management system…” with “Get Started” and “Demo” buttons and a screenshot of some kind of page on the right side.