Tunnels with optional path in UI Dashboard bug

I have tested migration of command line configured tunnels to the dashboard UI configuration. There is a UI bug when using the optional domain path. The path is ignored with standard domain path strings. It always attempts connect to the first ingress rule “rule 0”. There is a simple workaround to resolve, which needs the path to have an extra preceding “/” even though the UI already shows the slash separator.

Debugging on the server with the following confirms the issue cloudflared --loglevel debug tunnel run

The client ssh config:

 Host example-ssh2
   Hostname sshservers.example.come/ssh2
   ProxyCommand /usr/local/bin/cloudflared access ssh --hostname %h
   User user1
   IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_priv

The old YML on server configuration which works fine:

  # Rules map traffic from a hostname to a local service:
  - hostname: sshservers.example.com
    path: /ssh1
    service: ssh://localhost:22
  - hostname: sshservers.example.com
    path: /ssh2
    service: ssh://
  - hostname: sshservers.example.com
    path: /ssh3
    service: ssh://

Does not work:

Workaround with an extra preceding path slash seperator: