Tunnels for two domains... Shared cloudflared docker container?

I have a tunnel in use for domain1, with cloudflared running within a docker container.

I want to create a second tunnel with a second domain (domain2).

Do I need to run two cloudflared containers (as I expect tokens will differ), or is it possible to somehow link the existing cloudflared instance to the second domain?

Caution: Rank beginner here.
Thank you.

May I ask why creating and using 2 tunnels for 2 domains? :thinking:

You could run multiple services and/or domains through the one tunnel, just need to define/add the 2nd one or 3rd service and more to the same config.yml file and setup the routing/create a CNAME for the 2nd hostname/domain.

Yes, it is possible from what I understand what you want to achieve.

We all are, or at least were :wink:

We’re happy to assist

A bit helpful post:

Useful article:

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My error. I thought the zero trust feature was per registered domain. I see that it is per Cloudflare account.

After drilling down in my domain2 settings, I see that it is quite simple to add a domain2 application to my existing tunnel.

Solved. Thank you.

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