Tunneling MTPro to protocol through CloudFlare (Help freedom)

Hello everyone, I made a “MTP roto” (remove space) in telegram, How can I hide my IP using CDN + proxy in Cloudflare?
I read the documents and saw a solution that said it can be used by Spectrum but this app need enterprise account (that is so expensive!).

I saw an ip “172.*65.*46.*91” (remove *) that is using Cloudflare services, Can u tell how he/she did that?

I’m sure that he didn’t pay 5000$ for his IP but I don’t know what he did.
Your answer can help freedom in Russia, China and Iran.

Thanks a lot

Without spectrum, an application does have to work 100% over HTTP(S). If MTProto doesn’t work over HTTP, or uses non-supported ports, it won’t work with Cloudflare.

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