Tunnel with qBittorrent


qBittorrent embeds an internal tracker server that I configured on port 9000 (Windows 10 - Internal firewall disabled). When I Curl the port on localhost port 9000 I get an answer.

I used the Zero Trust dashboard to create a tunnel with the following rule localhost 9000

I can not Curl from the domain example me so external client can not reach example me 9000 announce

Before spending too much time debugging, I would like to check if somebody can confirm that I can use a Tunnel to achieve what I want (the idea is to avoid opening ports on the ISP box and have external BitTorrent client reach the tracker server on the Windows 10 machine).



So if you are trying to use non-http/s then all the client will need cloudflared installed.

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy port 9000 by default and a torrent server behind Cloudflare’s proxy service is probably an Enterprise level solution based on the paygo TOS.


Thank you both. Will drop the idea as this is for sure not a good fit.