Tunnel two websites with different top level domains running on same computer

Hi All,

I am using the free tier subscription. I have setup a Tunnel that exposes my website running on IIS on my windows computer. Let’s say it uses domain1.com.
Now I want to expose one more website from my computer as domain2.com.
Since the cloudflared services is already running and exposing domain1, is it possible this service instance also exposes domain2?
I tried searching documents but couldn’t find a solution for my scenario. I am not using a subdomain for another site. If I try to add an additional public hostname, I get an error this DNS does not exist. I am unable to find what DNS entries should I add for domain2? I have already changed the namesevers on my original DNS registrar that was godaddy to point to cloudflared names servers.

Any help is appreciated.

Any help would be appreciated before I decide to give up on Cloudflare. Thanks