Tunnel to application on local server

Hello there,

because Cloudflares Proxy wont let me proxy to specific ports with the free plan, i tought it would be a good idea to use an zero trust tunnel to get to my tcp server application. Is this a good idea? I dont seem to get it working. I created a tunnel installed it on my server (it says active in the dashboard) and at the dashboard i gave it and domain, tcp service, the local server ip and port.

Is this generally a stupid idea?
If not, how come it doesnt work?

When using TCP over cloudflared then you need to have cloudflared installed on both the server and client.

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Hmm, thats bad.
Is there any other way without paying for Cloudflare Pro or exposing my IP?

I suggest you to google this:

Raid Owl youtube Cloudflare tunnel setup guide

and watch that video.

Skimmed the video, and it only goes over HTTPS tunnels, which you don’t need Cloudflared for.

There is not.

Or you can just add your internal network CIDR to your cloudflared tunnel by running:

cloudflared tunnel route ip add YourTunnelNameOrID

That way when you’re connected to WARP you have access to your whole internal network.