Tunnel tcp/udp ports between two servers


Is it possible to run this diagram through the cloudflare?

User <-> IP_X:1001 <-> cloudflare <-> IP_1:443
User <-> IP_X:1002 <-> cloudflare <-> IP_5:443
User <-> IP_X:1003 <-> cloudflare <-> IP_3:443
User <-> IP_X:1004 <-> cloudflare <-> IP_4:443
User <-> IP_X:1005 <-> cloudflare <-> IP_5:443

For example:

Five IPs (IP_1,IP_2,IP_3,IP_4,IP_5 ) are blocked. I want users connect to the server through IP_X.

Openconnect is installed on all servers and its running on 443 tcp. I want users to connect to this 5 ip via 1 ip. So if my IPs are blocked again, I only have to replace 1 IP, not tens of IPs, and it saves money.

Currently I’m doing this by Stunnel and firewalld and iptables … But it is time consuming, unstable and slow.

I’m not sure if Cloudflier will allow this. The problem is that I want the IP_X to be from my servers, not the cloudflare servers (And Cloudflair only do communicates between the two servers stable and fast).

Please guide me if you understand what I mean.

Thanks in advance.