Tunnel setup with .tk TLD on docker

I’ve setup a tunnel many months ago, and now i need to add a service.
My domain is a .tk domain, and the zero trust doesnt accept new services. its surgested in other post to set up new services manually, but the docker container doesnt seem to be able to attach a shell.

How can i add this new service to my tunnel runing docker?

Can you access the terminal of host system? If so you can manually configure or setup your tunnel service. In my case my host is linux so I use terminal to manually create tunnels and yes I have a mixed domain set (paid tld) as well as freenom tld’s (.tk and others working). I have installed cloudflared package to get cli access. The thing is that you are already running it so to be able to reach config file is important for manual addition of services on host.

If not then I am out of options to help. May be someone else might suggest something better.