Tunnel setup not working

I have a domain registered with Cloudflare (not hosted anywhere) and want to use it to set up a tunnel to my home server. Since the DNS Records resides with Cloudflare, there are no records to change anywhere else to point my domain back to Cloudflare. I get a " Bad Gateway error code 502 - Host Error" after setting up my Connector/Tunnel (which shows as “Healthy” successfully set up). If I was hosted elsewhere this would work. How do you set this up if Cloudflare is your Domain Registrar and also the Connector service you need to use?

This means that cloudflared isn’t able to reach your origin service. What do the logs of cloudflared show?

I figured it out after a few hours of trial and error. The “No TLS Verify” has to be switched to “On” in the Public Hostname Page for this to work on my home servers.