Tunnel randomly dying due to wrong certificate causing SSL panic

Hi folks,
I’ve been using the tunnel feature with HomeAssistant’s Cloudflared addon for almost 26 days flawlessly to access my instance from outside,
till today,

I started experiencing the Android App not being able to connect, similarly the chrome web app refused to load data,
however from local network everything appeared to be running smoothly with no errors either from HA nor the add on, restarting the add on seemed to briefly fix the issue and then it would happen again, after some time the issue reappeared and disappeared at least 7 times without me doing anything,

I suspect something strange is happening on Cloudflare side as at time on chrome incognito I’d get different SSL certificates for my tunneled domain:

Screenshot 2024-02-24 alle 22.50.48


Is there any maintenance/outage going on?

Do you have any DNS overrides on your local network that would point you to directly to the host? You wouldn’t get that error through Cloudflare as it would be a 526 error.

Did not touch my router so quite sure i do not have any kind of override, all i did was installa hassio on a Windows vmware and installa cloudflared addon,
I am able to access locally via homeassistant:8123 and homeassistant.local though, but i havent done anything in my router myself… Could hassio have done something to my dns? I dont think it could

nevermind i figured out, it was our italian piracyShield that was enable on the whole cloudflare cause someone thought it was a good idea to block list that IP as malicious,
I’d suggest the company to follow suit and sue the ■■■■ out of them as they’re not listening anyone’s complain and will probably only understand damage compensation,

this is what we technically call “pestare un merdone” :poop::man_facepalming:t2: