Tunnel not working. Same public hostname works in another tunnel

I have a few tunnels already configured, some with multiple public hostnames.
I tried creating a new tunnel under a domain I registered a few days ago, and it is not working. It shows the connectors as “HEALTHY” but when I add my public hostname and point it to my internal IP:port for the running service, I am not able to access it using the public hostname.

It just shows “Having trouble finding that site”

I can plug the exact same hostname into one of my existing tunnels under another domain and it works perfectly.

Well, after the THIRD time deleting and recreating the tunnel, I finally reinstalled cloudflared on the server and this resolved it. No idea why, as it was the exact same cloudflared version.

Well, somethinig still isn’t right.

I have the new tunnel partially working. The FIRST public hostname I added works perfectly. But I tried adding a second and it does not work.

sub1.tjcams.dev points to LAN_IP:5000 and works as expected
sub2.tjcams.dev points to the same LAN-IP:5001 and does not work. Says page not found.

To test, I changed sub2.tjcams.dev to point to LAN-IP:5000 (duplicate of sub1) and it still does not load the service that sub1 loads properly.

I have another tunnel configured that has 8 different subdomains pointing to various LAN IPs and Ports and they all work perfectly. I don’t know why this tunnels is giving me such a headache.

Ok, I guess Cloudflare has just been slower than usual to update today. Normally when I add a public hostname, it is ready nearly immediately. Today, after coming back to this a half hour later, it seems to be updated and working.