Tunnel listening on 9735

Hello, I am probably very confused, but I think that I had this working at some point, but it has stopped working recently.

I setup a “cloudflare tunnel”(?) six months ago and I swear that I had it running so it was listening to requests on port 9735. This seems to have stopped working a few months ago.

I have the (?) because I am a little confused about what the product I’m using is called, is it an “Cloudflare Tunnel ” or a “cloudflare tunnel”? I can’t really find much about it in the Cloudflare account.

Is this something that has changed a few months back? Thanks.

Hi there,

Cloudflare Tunnel is this product:

It used to be called Cloudflare Tunnel and is designed so that no port needs to be open to the internet in order for it to work.

If you go to https://one.dash.cloudflare.com you should be able to navigate to Access > Tunnels and find them there:


What kind of errors/problems are you seeing, now that it stopped working?

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I was doing this to test things out, first look up IPs for my site with dig and then plug those into telnet <ip> 9735. Have tried other ports as well, but it’s 9735 that I really need. I can do this telnet from a different machine on my local network and it works as expected.

The setup I am using is a CLI install on linux, I have it setup as a systemd service and that loads its config from a file, the contents look like this:

url: http://localhost:9735
tunnel: <redacted>
credentials-file: <redacted>
  - hostname: lnd.the0ther.xyz
    service: http://localhost:9735
  - service: http://localhost:9735
edge-ip-version: "4"

Thank you for the pointer in the UI, I see my two tunnels now!