Tunnel is running, website is reachable but i am not able to login

Hello everybody. I hope, that this is the right place to ask. I was searching but not finding this problem…

I am working on a remote Raspberry Pi Solar manager. On the Pi i run the ‘openstuder io’ WebUI to controll the Solar Battery. And as the system is elsewhere than I live i tried to tunnel the website.

Tunnel is active and healthy, Website is reachable… …but I am not able to log in.

The site works propperly over the local network.

No error, no hint, no clue, what to do. anny Idea?

Thank you

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Hello dear, I hope you’re doing great.
I had the same issue in my system, but it’s a different one, I changed the settings in my app, I’ve never tried openstuder io but I think the issue is the same. Try to find in your settings in openstuder io if there is a field where you can add a domain, this part solved the issue for me.
Let me know if it could help