Tunnel IP Routing through WARP works on one tunnel but not the other

I have spent way too many hours on this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Server A is in an office with a local tunnel set up (v2022.8.0). I have routed many IP addresses through it, specifically to connect to services we access that restrict by IP address (like Azure SQL). Server A’s IP is whitelisted at these various services. Employees with the WARP client (and proper permission) can access these services simply by connected with their WARP client. The traffic is routed properly to Server A, then accesses SQL. It’s allowed through the Azure SQL firewall since it’s coming from Server A’s IP address. This has worked like a charm for at least a year now.

But I’m trying to move this setup to a new server, Server B. I created the same setup, a new tunnel, with all the config flags from Server A. The tunnel is connected and works fine. But when I route an IP through the new tunnel, my traffic still says it’s coming from my WARP IP address instead of the Server B IP address. I can delete the routes, move them back to Server A, and traffic is correctly routed, it shows as coming from Server A’s IP address. I have the warp-enabled set to true in both Server A and Server B’s configs. Quic is working. I’ve tried to install the tunnel using the Dashboard and the CLI and as a Service. No matter what I do, I cannot get the IP to route correctly through the new Server B tunnel. But I’m able to change it back to Server A and it works as expected.

Any ideas?