Tunnel hostname not routing correctly

Hi all

I have a Ubuntu server that hosts multiple Wiki sites.
Just set up the second wiki site and set the tunnel to config to resolve multiple hosts. But the second host connects to the first service. But if I change the 2nd service to something that is incorrect, it does not work.

tunnel: wefswfvefdrgf
credentials-file: /root/.cloudflared/wefswfvefdrgf.json
 - hostname: wiki1.com
   service: http://localhost:80
 - hostname: wiki2.com
   service: http://localhost:3001

If I connect to http://INTERNALHOSTIP:3001 on my PC (I have VPN into that network) and it works fine.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


Thank you for asking.

May I ask is the web app or service using that port like via some proxy / forwarding to some other, or just 3001 “as-is”? :thinking:

Is the hostname (DNS record) proxied and set to :orange: or not?
Are you using wiki2.com as a web app?

Rather, multiple hostnames on the same host via one Cloudflare tunnel?

Maybe helpful from post below:

It’s recommended looking at the response headers your browser is receiving.

Runs a NodeJS server on whatever port one chooses.

Both proxied and using the tunnel CNAME. Both records are identical other than hostname.

Trying to use one tunnel to host multiple TLDs. As it is meant to be able to do that IFAIK?