Tunnel error over Home Assistant 1033

i get this error after a fesh install of Homeassistant ( first install it worked )

Failed to create tunnel.
Please check the Cloudflare Teams Dashboard for an existing tunnel with the name homeassistant and delete it:
://dash.teams.Cloudflare.com/ Access / Tunnels

I can not find this option in Cloudflare account, so i still have this error 1033

anyone a clue ?

grtz eric

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If your tunnel was created through cloudflared then you can use cloudflared tunnel list to list all your tunnels and delete the old tunnel.

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Tnx Cyb3r jak,

but where can i find this list of tunnels ?
logged in on my account, but could not find any option where this list is ?

From the main dashboard click Zero Trust

Then under Access select tunnels

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