Tunnel error on MacOS when installed as service

I’m trying to use cloudflared to run a tunnel on MacOS (installed via Homebrew like the documentation says). Running the tunnel manually with cloudflared tunnel run <UUID> works fine.

Per the documentation here I installed as a service without using sudo. However, the service doesn’t work and all the error log contains is repeated lines of Use cloudflared tunnel run to start tunnel <UUID>.

Is there anything I can try to resolve this? My config is valid (and works fine when run manually). Do I need to file a GitHub issue?

You selected to run the service as a launch agent. What happens when you manually start the service with launchctl start com.cloudflare.cloudflared

The same thing. launchctl succeeds with no logs output to the console, but if I check the error log file it has the same message: Use cloudflared tunnel run to start tunnel <UUID> and my tunnel is not running.

Hello @mcfadyeni ,

There is already a github issue that covers this (with a workaround explained there): `cloudflared service install` broken on macOS · Issue #327 · cloudflare/cloudflared · GitHub

This is on our radar, just not the topmost of priorities (particularly because not many folks set up cloudflared as a service on macos, as it often happens on more “server-like machines” that tend to be linux, and furthermore there’s a workaround available).

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Great, thank you! Not a problem, I’ll try that workaround. I should have checked there first; sorry!

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