Tunnel Down Notifications from cloud flare for WARP Zero Trust Client devices

Why is Cloudflare sending email notifications when WARP Zero Trust client disconnects mentioning as the Tunnel is down. Is the connection between WARP Zero trust client and Cloudflare is a tunnel? This started just recently and have been this using this for few months and haven’t received such notifications before.

Receiving for all WARP clients when disconnected when the actual Tunnels are UP and Healthy.

[Cloudflare]: Tunnel LAPTOP-123:111111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111 is now Down


A Cloudflare Tunnel in your account has changed its connection status.

Tunnel: LAPTOP-123:111111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111

New status: Down

Review this change on the Zero Trust dashboard:

Notifications are enabled for Tunnel status and it doesn’t mention anything about the WARP zero trust client device connection status. Is any one else facing similar issues?

hi @mahmed thanks for raising this, would you be able to open a ticket with support to track this case and have your account details, like tunnel /device and ids, so we can check that?
send me a pm if you cannot open a support ticket

Hi @stefano1
yes I have already created a support ticket #2737176.
Notifications are not related to actual tunnels that are created, all the actually created tunnels are healthy. Strangely when WARP Zero Client devices which is installed on endpoint laptops is disconnected I am getting notifications that the tunnel is down. In the notification email the reference is given about the device name and device ID. I have shared the details in the ticket. Appreciate your quick response on this. Thank you.

thank you for that, we are checking that as we speak.

@mahmed we have identified the problem and a fix is being done.
Right now we are in LDW window ( because of weekend will not push code ), so, most probably will roll this change out next week.

Hope that helps! Thanks for reporting that.

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