Tunnel cannot be deleted

I had created a tunnel a few months ago but accidentally let my domain lapse in-terms of payments. I reactivated my domain today and needed to change which device was hosting my server. When I went to delete/update the old Tunnel, I noticed that none of my changes would stick once I’d refreshed. Even deleting the Tunnel doesn’t seem to work. If I delete it then refresh, it comes right back. Any advice would be appreciated!

Was the domain registered via Cloudflare Registrar?
Did domain expired or not?

How did you manage and configure your tunnel on your device?
Was it via Cloudflare Zero Trust dashboard or locally via config.yml file? :thinking:

May I ask if you’ve used some 3rd-party service for your zone like eZoic in the meantime?, which would even possibly revert back the deleted DNS record for the tunnel.

I’d stop the cloudflared tunnel service on the device, therefore remove it.
Go to the Zero Trust Dashboard, remove the public hostname from the tunnel and then remove the tunnel.
Go to the Cloudflare dashboard with the associated domain name of public hostname which was used, double-check the DNS records and remove if there is some.
Navigate to some other tabs in the Cloudflare dashboard and Zero Trust Dashboard, get back, and see if it appears again.
Furthermore, logout clear cookies and the cache, then login back to see what happens.
Re-create the tunnel via Zero Trust Cloudflare dashboard, re-authenticate on the device, route and start the tunnel.

The domain was registered if you mean the whole process of changing the name servers. The domain did expire. I had it through google domains and just re-upped it by paying the insane fee. I managed the tunnel by using the build in cloudflare generated command and used pm2 to launch my server. I used the Zero Trust Dashboard, not my own yml file. I have not used a 3rd-party service in the meantime. I already ran sudo cloudflared service uninstall on my raspberry pi (running 64 bit OS) and tried deleting the tunnel but it continues to reappear. As for the last few things, I’ll give those a go then report back. I appreciate your advice!

I am unable to fully follow your steps. I see a record in the DNS management for my domain, however, clicking delete results in a red error bar at the bottom of the screen saying: "Record does not exist. (Code: 81044) "