Tunnel active, but still forbidden (use docker inside WSL distro))

Hi Cloudflare team

Please help.
Tunnel already active, but still forbidden. There is no forbidden code.
I use docker inside WSL distro (Ubuntu) (not docker desktop for windows)
Already set & check everything but still the same

  • firewall already set by docker → ensure with “iptables -L” > already allow all
  • docker compose up already, accesible by localhost
  • I have try using localhost.run (by using ssh), and my site appeared.

Please help

That page you are seeing if because Cloudflare Access is blocking the request. You need to see if there is an access policy for that tunnel.

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Aah… I see

Sorry… my 1st time using Cloudflare

by the way, I just remove the checkmark of solution.

Here I already check the gateway policies. There is no rule here. So my localhost should be appear, shouldn’t it?

Need additional assistance…
Thank you in advance

But still… forbidden page appear. What’s wrong?

It will be under AccessApplications