Tunnel a deployment outside Kubernetes

Hello everyone. I know it’s a not usual use case but I will try to explain what I’m trying to do.
I have a Kubernetes cluster with some service that is already tunneled using cloudflared (deployed also on the same kube).

I have another application deployed directly on the machine outside the Kubernetes cluster (for specific reasons it cannot be deployed on kube) and it’s exposed on local host on port 8080. Is it possible to tunnel it even if Cloudflare it’s on the cluster?
In case how? If not, what’s the best alternative?

Thanks a lot

I see no problem (if I understand correctly) with that. You could even use the following:

Thanks for your info. If I want to start without creating a virtual network, what’s the right way? Should I do that always from the existing kube config map even for the deployment in the machine, or maybe for that should I add the routing manually with a cloudflared command from the node terminal?

What’s not clear for me is if I deployed cloudflared on kube if it will be available also outside the cluster. I’m not sure how Cloudflare works.
When I installed it I followed this

[Cloudflared on kube](https://developers.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-one/tutorials/many-cfd-one-tunnel/)

It’s not so clear for me what’s the part installed in the machine and what’s the part on kube. But as far as I understand, the daemon is on the machine?

I removed from the cluster the cloudflared service and I installed it directly on the node. I have created then a single tunnel but with different mappings, one for the app on localhost:8080 and another that point to a kubernetes service using its clusterip.
Maybe I could do the same with only cloudflared on Kube and in some way pointing to the node 8080 but with the solution I described it works for me and it’s fine :slight_smile: Thank you