TTL in DNS for TXT Record Doesn't Change

I’ve created a TXT record in DNS with a TTL of 1 hour, however when I run a query on my TXT records from mxtoolbox, it shows that the TTL is still the default, automatic 5 minutes. How do I change the TXT record’s TTL to 1 hour?

It should take at least those five minutes for the new value to kick in. If you post the record, we can see if it’s updating.

It was originally created with a 1 hour TTL, yet still showed 5 minutes. I’ve recreated it with the content Test123.

That one is working is showing 5 minutes. Can you post a screenshot of that DNS record from the Cloudflare Dashboard?

I can confirm that a TXT record has a TTL of 300, even if you set it for one hour. Maybe @cscharff can 'splain.

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