TTL for changes to _dnslink on domain CNAMEed to

I’ve been playing with the newly-announced Cloudflare Distributed Web Gateway,

I created a quick example site at https://ipfs.<fqdn> by creating the TXT record _dnslink.ipfs.<fqdn> directing to the relevant /ipfs/abcdef... record and assigning the associated ipfs.<fqdn> CNAME to and all worked swimmingly - I confirmed that https://ipfs.<fqdn> gives the correct response and that this is identical to what I see on<fqdn>. So far, so good.

However, I then changed the contents of _dnslink.ipfs.<fqdn> such that a new /ipfs/123456... resource is to be displayed and it has failed to update on the custom domain name (only). That is:<fqdn> shows my updated resource.
https://ipfs.<fqdn> still shows my original resource

So I guess my question is, what kind of caching is going on here, and when would I expect https:\\ipfs.<fqdn> to reflect the current setting of my _dnslink.ipfs TXT record and match<fqdn>?

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