TTFB very high from some of the locations

I have added cloudflare(free version) on my website and it is giving my variable TTFB for various location.

When I checked my TTFB on I get 135ms TTFB.

But I see Google PageSpeed Insight and GTMetrix complaining about server response time.


I am trying to get a good score at these platform and have identified that, LCP and TBT are the two things that needs to be solved.

But as you can see “Reduce Initial server response time” is marked as with HIGH impact.

Why am I getting this even if my TTFB is good and I can confirm that cloudflare is active on my site.


Your TTFB is not good, thats the problem.
When I call your page, every static asset (which are cachable at CloudFlare) do have a TTFB of 50ms.
But your dynamic request (your HTML) takes 2 seconds. As this is not cachable by CloudFlare.

You are using WordPress which is not really well known for performing good, but rather for beeing easy to install and implement.

But the good ponint about this is: you can just use any good Caching Plugin which will statically cache your Pages and delete on change. Thats what I would recommend here. After this you please measure again with GTmetrix or with Google PageSpeed Insights

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