TTFB Under 500 ms

I’m looking to get my site speed 500 milliseconds or under.
I’m currently at 1.5 seconds.
How do I achieve with Cloudflare?

Please advise.

You can achieve a TTFB boost by using Argo:

But, chances are that your website only has a high TTFB due to:

  • old PHP/old software versions
  • too many plugins
  • an under-provisioned/under-paid-for server

In this case, Cloudflare can’t really help beyond HTML caching (see below), a slow page to render can’t magically render faster by implementing any proxy provider.

In terms of figuring out if this is the case, I’d recommend installing ‘p3 performance profiler’ if your website is running wordpress. Otherwise, you should find a performance profiler for your specific server software/framework (and failing that, you can run an APM solution like Sentry for APM, Datadog APM, or whatever is the top ad result here)

Cloudflare does offer caching for HTML pages if you’d like, but this only works if your site is 100% static (has no dynamic elements, no admin bars when admins are logged in, etc). If your site is not static and you try caching HTML, you might end up causing security issues and exposing sensitive information to regular website visitors.

Thank you for your help. Yes, my site is on a WordPress platform.I will install that plugin

Using a smart WordPress caching plugin like Comet Cache will get you TTFB of about 200ms.
If you cache HTML at CloudFlare, you can get under 20ms.