Ttfb time increase after using cloudflare

I am using digitalocean data center is in India. When I don’t use cloudflare proxy it gives me around 200-250 ms TTFB - time to first byte. But when I use cloudflare proxy TTFB becomes 550-670ms site become slow. I am using Argo smart routing also. But no improvement. What should i do?

Check your site at and post a full page screenshot of it.

Here is my report. and my website

Assuming your site is on the free plan it appears your ISP routes you via the British datacentre, that would explain the increase in latency.

I use this tool KeyCDN Tools - Simplify problem resolution | KeyCDN Tools to check ttfb time. Without Cloudflare, it gives me 200-250ms TTFB but with Cloudflare, it increases to 500-670ms sometimes even 800-900ms. Now it’s giving me 800ms ttfb time.

TTFB in this case seems to be a latency issue and that is because of the PoP.

In my case the site loads in about a second, however the site has issues with concurrent requests → but that is something that needs to be fixed on the server.

What should i do in my server can you please suggest ?? i have root access, and using cpanel. any setting??

Server administration is covered at StackExchange.

I have upgraded to pro. But still no improvement. I Contacted server admin he said no issue in server. Contact with cloudflare.

From your screenshot it appears only an Enterprise plan gives you more or less a guaranteed Indian connection. That is slightly odd and also depends on your ISP, but maybe Cloudflare can also shed some light, especially now that you are on a paid plan.

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