TTFB is volatile like cryptos

Hello there,

I am using the “page everything” Page rule with the Edge Cache TTL of 1 month.
What makes me wonder is that if I make a request like in the morning the TTFB is like over 1 second. All requests after that the TTFB reduces to 70ms. It almost feels like a browser cache when I visit a website for the second time. But after some time the TTFB spikes again to over 1 second, almost as if Cloudflare drops the cached page after a certain time.

Any guesses why?

Well, it does. The one month is an indicator, no guarantee. Resources can be purged from the cache at any time, particularly if not used often. That has been discussed quite a few times, so the search will provide full details.

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View the cf-cache-status header to see if your page and its resources are cached on the edge:

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