TTFB is too high
first: without proxy
second: proxy
For me and other users, it takes almost 5 seconds for the website to load. But before I applied proxying, it took 0.005 seconds.

Benchmarks actually are showing 1.4s when proxied

Now at the moment it again is not using CloudFlares proxy function and loads in 0.8s. I consider it as a lie that it magically before (which are same settings and config as now) loaded 160 times faster.

Also: you setup is the very best example for a “worst case” scenario as CloudFlares performanceboost comes from speeding up static assets. And your WaterFall looks like this:

Where you clearly can see there is just one static asset and this is for whatever reason responding way slower then your initial dynamic request.

So yes, on such a minimal setup CloudFlare will not speed up your site as it adds (because of proxying) about 10ms to the TTFB at proxied and not cached requests. Therefore your site should be about 10ms slower then without proxying.

Now there are two things that are strange:

  1. the numbers you have written down do not match AT ALL with the facts the benchmark is providing
  2. I can not make sure the benchmark is reflecting what you do will experience in real life as I can not test the page with proxy (:orange:) as you already switched to DNS only :grey:.

If you like me to debug this for you a bit please activate proxy again and let me debug it while getting proxied :orange:

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