TTFB is great but only at home connection

Hello, everyone. I need a help, as I have already helped me the last times I needed, I decided to come back with this doubt that I found no answer in the forums. The site here of the company is with a great ttfb, but only in the home. For example, on the page the TTFB is in 3.432s and the home is down from 500ms. I’d like a little help from you guys to understand what’s going on. We own the Pro plan.

When you load the URL locally on the server, e.g. with “curl” (so bandwidth is “unlimited”), and prefix the command with “time” - how long does it take?

If it’s also ~3s, then simply this is the time that takes your server to compute the page - probably due to heavy queries / lack of proper DB indexes that cause full table scans / complex logic on the server side programming application, etc.

From Cloudflare’s point of view, I doubt they care what comes after the “/”…

On home page:
cf-cache-status: HIT

On other pages:
cf-cache-status: MISS

Check you caching plugin to see if it has any instructions not to cache your pages other than home.

Okay. Thanks for the help. I’ll check and return with the result. But if anyone has any other opinion about what might be happening can say.

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