TTFB in Asia Pacific & Africa

I am looking at making my worldwide TTFB as low/fast as possible.

I had around 650-700ms worldwide TTFB, until i made the rule “Cache Level: Cache Everything”.

Now my TTFB is a lot better around the world, but it is still VERY high in places such as Australia and India.

I use Cloudflare free version with server on Cloudways Vultr HF - The server is located in Atlanta - USA.

Does anyone have a solution for this?




Cache Everything is only going to have an impact when your website is cached in that colo - you’d need to repeatedly load your website in a specific area until it’s in the cache before you’d notice that rule having any impact.

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Hi Kian,

Yea, that makes sense, but am i able to do other things than just this “Cache everything” to get a faster TTFB?

You can use Argo

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Try APO. Or have you tried setting Edge cache TTL in the cache everything page rule?

APO is perfect!

Thanks for the recommendations i appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Is APO free on wordpress or is it the 5$ fee?

For Edge cache TTL, do they give you more than 2 hours cache on the free version?

You need to give $5

Wow, this solution is actually worked like a charm. Now i have around 100-200ms around the world. free APO - Cloudflare Optimization for WordPress (FREE method) - YouTube

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