TTFB - How to improve without using Argo?

I’m struggling with TTFB via CF and Argo is too expensive. It’s not possible for me to edge cache HTML as it’s dynamically served based on GEO+language. I want to ask the community if you have ideas for improvement? I have optimized the fundamentals but since my site hosts large HTML pages, the TTFB delay is quite large, on some pages +2000ms.
I have considered Argo, but pricing is wildly out of my budget (Cloudflare free plan user)

Wanted to add this image to the original post, but forgot.

I doubt that’s not true. Could you please post your domain and specially also some link which do serve different content based on your location?

And if it is true, it’s a bad practice which you should get rid of in the first place, if it prevents you from caching.

I’m not allowed to post the domain for privacy reasons.
it might appear as bad practice, but the content I deliver is highly adjusted to visitor location+language, there’s a reason for this structure. So currently we cache on origin, 1X HTML per language+country like:
(hundreds in total)

and these pages are dynamically served via root url

As they all now get served on one single URL makes this uncachable anywhere else, specially on CDNs. That’s a problem you could solve by core if you serve them like this:




and redirect https://domain.tld/ depending on GEO + language to the correct URL, so that the URL is different, then you can turn on Cache Everything. But since Cloudflare is URL based I dont see much else that could solve this. Maybe some header vary, but I have not used them.

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