TTFB Goes Up Significantly With Cloudflare Proxy - Help

We are on the Cloudflare Pro Plan for the last 3 years and we’re seeing a significant increase in latency for the last few months so we decided to get at the bottom of it

So based on our 1 Week of testing Cloudflare Proxy is adding close to .3 to 0.4 seconds to the TTFB.

Also, overall page loadtime is slightly better when using cloudflare. If we turn off the Ads on the website than the difference between using cloudflare and not using it is very little.
We have done extensive testing with NGINX config and have been in touch with Linode our hosting provider to find any issue related to hosting. But in the end, it turned out to be Cloudflare.

Test - When Using Cloudflare as Proxy -

TTFB - 721 ms also it increases to 1000ms at times

Test - When Not Using Cloudflare as Proxy -

TTFB - 410 ms

Also if we test the same from a place very close to our origin server the latency difference is even more when using cloudflare.

Our webserver is not optimized for running without cloudflare at the moment - we think removing it and optimizing caching at the server side can reduce TTFB and page load times further.

Unfortunately, the Pro Plan is not adding value instead it is causing more delay.

Also, we tested the same using GTmetrix and Chrome developer tools and the results are inline with the

I am aware about the TTFB doesn’t matter approach but if it is a small delay than it is acceptable to me else it is creating an issue.

Also, this was not the case couple of months back - overall TTFB was less than 410 ms even when using cloudflare.

Hope Cloudflare is able to troubleshoot this and improve performance and help us use the service.

I am sure others may also be facing this issue and can test with and without cloudflare to see if it makes a difference.


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