TTFB faster on Pro account vs Free?

Hi, I turned off DNS proxy for my website and got a nice speed improvement in Google PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse.

I believe the improvement in speed is due to shorter ping time. With proxy on, ping time to my domain was around 233 ms. With proxy disabled, the ping response is under 50 ms. Host is located in Australia, where my target audience is.

I’m using your free account. I was told by my host that the free account limits the geographical location of DNS servers, which might account for the slower ping time.

My question is…if I upgrade to Pro plan, would my DNS server respond quicker compared to the free plan?


Not necessarily.

For starters, it’s not DNS related but to which PoP you are routed and that mostly depends on your visitors’ ISPs.

Cloudflare does try to ensure better announcements the more expensive the plan is, but unless you are on Enterprise you won’t really get a guarantee.

For your own ISP you can check the routing for each plan at

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