TS3 problem with domain

Hello!!! I need your help, today I have put my domain with Cloudflare and with my server of ts3 (, that is the ip) I have added with the domain in Cloudflare and the ip a ts3 server, but at the time of entering I do not connect, can someone help me?

You should switch that record to :grey:. You cant proxy non-HTTP protocols over Cloudflare.

Did you switch to :grey:?

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Try this one and comapare it to your setup, or just set it up this way (with a sub domain)
I never tried this @ root but I don’t see any reason why it should not work. Assuming i didn’t miss something…

I’m sorry for the wait, in the end I could solve it by leaving it as it was, I’m solved waiting for about 40mins, thank you very much

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