Trying to verify the domain on Google Admin Console using TXT and CNAME records

Trying to verify the domain on Google Admin Console using TXT and CNAME records I spoke with the company that owns the domain and was told to get in touch with you. I added 2 records to the DNS records, one a TXT and one a CNAME, both given by Google to verify the domain. I left this alone over the weekend and still no change.

Hi @plref,

Please share a screenshot of the instructions and also the domain name for more specific help.

Otherwise, have a look at this:

The key point being that the CNAME must be :grey:, not :orange:

Hi @domjh

I am trying to verify the domain for the Google admin console. I was able to get the DNS records from Google themselves, they are the following:

TXT: google-site-verification=mg_nXBAcYUAYKILfIbmRODiB55_UJWKkedtQ7NB9aNI
CNAME: target

I took your advice and changed it from Proxied to DNS only which I am hoping solves the issue. I added these records under both the name servers here on cloudflare and in the portal we use with the company that owns the domain.

The CNAME looks OK:

$ dig CNAME +short

However I can’t find the TXT, can you post a screenshot of that record in your cloudflare dashboard?

Also just check that the nameservers shown below your DNS records are:

Hi @domjh,

I can confirm the nameservers are what you had sent see picture below:

Also to reiterate, the TXT record is: google-site-verification=mg_nXBAcYUAYKILfIbmRODiB55_UJWKkedtQ7NB9aNI

That record resolves on the hostname you set it on.

$ dig TXT +short

I would guess that is should just be on and not

@domjh, how would I go about this because I need a name for the record, and after the name it will have “” and I cant submit the record without a name so it would be

The name should just be @ or

@domjh Forget that last query, put the root “@” as the name and it allowed it to just be

Both the records you mentioned are now in place.

$ dig TXT +short
$ dig CNAME +short

@domjh so in theory this should allow the domain to be verified, correct?

Yes, if those are the records asked for, the verification should work now.

@domjh Thanks for your help. I will keep the thread posted with updates on whether this did the trick or not.

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