Trying to use custom URL using Cloudflare Worker

Hi everyone! I’m super new at this, so I’d appreciate the help. Basically, I have a Notion website (it’s similar to Google Docs) and they don’t have custom URLS so what I tried doing is followed this guide ( to create a script for the workers so that my Notion board would appear when I typed in I’m wondering if I did something wrong with the DNS… It says that DNS points to prohibited IP.

I super super appreciate any help on this!!

The naked domain looks fine, it’s the www that throws the error. I presume you don’t have a worker route on the www hostname. Probably best to have a Page Rule redirect from www to the naked domain.

www should be a CNAME to the main domain.

Hi Michael! Super appreciate your help. I’m unsure how to proceed- should I delete the www? How do I create a new Page Rule for this?

Thank you friend! I’m sorry I’m such a newbie - so I create a CNAME record with which target?

How can I proceed from here? I super super appreciate if you can help.

Try this, exactly as shown:

If you just CNAME your www to you main domain ( ) you will not need any page rule.

But you can redirect using page rule too.

Its your choice.

It’s nice to pick one for the canonical URL, which is why I generally redirect one to the other, rather than a CNAME where both work equally.

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