Trying to Upgrade to Pro Plan, But Originally Signed Up Via Partner

Many years ago, I signed up for Cloudflare via my site’s host (site is, host is Dreamhost). All has been fine. But we’ve gotten a good bit bigger, and I’m thinking we now need access to Cloudflare’s “Pro” plan for various bells and whistles.

The Problem?

I have no ability to upgrade to the Pro plan here in my Cloudflare account. I asked support, but they said since I signed up through a Partner program, I had to have them handle it. But when I asked Dreamhost for help? “Sorry, we can’t help, and you’ll have to upgrade directly with Cloudflare.”

So now I feel a little stuck between a rock and a hard place. As best I can tell, my only approach is to deactivate Cloudflare at Dreamhost, and then hope that my Cloudflare account here will suddenly give me the option to upgrade to the Pro plan. But man am I nervous about flipping that switch without know for sure that I won’t get some glitch at Cloudflare that says, “Sorry, you’re signed up with a Partner so we can’t do anything.” Or worse, it somehow shuts off my site’s connection to Cloudflare entirely at that point, and I can’t re-add the site. We love Cloudflare and definitely don’t want to lose it. I just want to start paying for it!

Anyone been through this situation or have any advice on how to proceed? Thanks so much.

Thanks - good thing to check up front. Looking for more than three Page Rules and access to the WAF are the main two.

Thanks - I suspect that’s the route I’m gonna have to go. But my main concern with it is that the domain is already currently on my Cloudflare account. So will I have to delete it and then try to re-add it, you think?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the terminology, but here’s what my dashboard shows here at Cloudflare:

The only place it shows the partner integration at Cloudflare is in the DNS settings. Hopefully doesn’t matter for this process.

Hi @brett,

If you send a ticket to our billing team at [email protected] they can manually remove the partner association within your account which will allow you to order plans directly through Cloudflare.

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Thanks so much, Laurie! (And for the feedback, sandro!)

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