Trying to upgrade to Pro from Partner


My host is a Cloudflare partner. I went to cPanel and enabled Cloudflare. However, I’d like to upgrade to the Pro plan. Within cPanel, I clicked on the “Change” button next to “Free Website”, a new window opens with the URL:

and the message:

404 | We can’t find the page you’re looking for.

Anyone know the easiest way to upgrade?

Thanks so much,


Not sure if you can upgrade from a partner setup. Either contact your host about that or deactivate your partner setup and sign up for a full account.

In other words: deactivate the setup, open a new Cloudflare account and go through the process directly through Cloudflare?

That is one option. In that case you will be independent from your host and deal with Cloudflare yourself. Alternatively, contact your host and enquire what upgrade options you have under their plan.

Got it! Thanks so much…

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