Trying to transfer my domain to Cloudflare registrar service but it says I have zero domains?

I previously used the free Cloudflare caching for my domain but I recently updated my phone number on the account and I also recently disabled cloudflare caching for my domain.

My Namecheap renewal has now come and the cost is $13.18 for a year. I read that CLoudflare charges the wholesale price of $8.03 per year.

But when I go to the transfer page in my account, it says:


Select domains to transfer

Once your domain transfers, your registration extends for one year from your current expiration date.

Need help? Instructions are available here

Your registration auto-renews by default.

(0) Already on Cloudflare(0) Unable to transfer

Some domains cannot be transferred to Cloudflare Registrar. If you registered, transferred, or modified the contact information on a domain in the last 60 days, we cannot transfer yet. In other cases, we do not yet support the TLD. We’re constantly working to improve that list, though. Check back soon.

Hi @nicholasewens,

Can you share the domain name here?

Yeah sure, it’s but was just changed with a host change. I originally had Cloudflare CDN on it (don’t currently) as I haven’t inputted the change since deactivating my Cloudflare account.

You will need the domain to be active on Cloudflare before you get the option to transfer it. If you click Add Site in your account, you may see the option to transfer the domain during signup. If not, once you have changed the nameservers to Cloudflare’s, you should see the option to transfer it on the screen you referred to in your first post.

Sorry, I typed that wrong and the edit post option for this Cloudflare community is absent on mobile version and broken on view-as-desktop version. My site used to be

So basically, you’re saying that I need to be hosting with Cloudflare to be eligible for your domain registrar services?

Cloudflare doesn’t provide web hosting, but your DNS will need to be hosted by Cloudflare (and the authoritative nameservers changed to Cloudflare’s) in order to use their registrar service, yes. Note that you can’t change the nameservers away from Cloudflare if the domain name is registered here, without transferring out.

Got it. So you don’t provide hosting but you’re saying I’d need to be using the Cloudflare CDN to be eligible?

You don’t have to use the CDN, but you would have to use Cloudflare for DNS. You would have the option to enable their security and performance services but don’t have to.

In general, if you’re not sure, I would recommend renewing with your current registrar (or transferring elsewhere) as once you transfer it in, you can’t move the domain again for 60 days so you could end up stuck for a bit if you are not happy with the setup. You could always use Cloudflare’s DNS for a bit and, if you’re happy with it, transfer the domain across.

Thank you so much for this! Makes much more sense now!

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No problem, just let us know if you have any further questions!

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