Trying to transfer domains - old host keeps changing tags

I am trying to transfer several *.uk and * domains to be registered with Cloudflare
Did the usual transfer process at Cloudflare, then when prompted changed tags on domains at hosting company
Hosting company then keeps changing the tags back again
After many chats and tickets they claim the domains cant be transferred as the tags cant be changed and that I must cancel everything and do the same things again
Why would doing exactly the same things give a different result?
I am considering going to current registrar and just paying them to change the tags and get the transfer going
Transferred domains from same old registrar to Cloudflare before and it was easy and worked
Any ideas?

Hi there, sorry to hear about this.

This problem sounds like something on the end of the registrar, they should be allowing you to change the tags and it is on them to provide that functionality. Did they indicate a problem on Cloudflare causing this?

I followed the usual “transfer to Cloudflare process”: start transfer, then update the tags at old hosting company, then transfer should work, as it has every other time I have transferred in including from the same hosting company / registrar

Nothing transferred

Raised multiple tickets with old hosting company as they kept claiming different issues, closing tickets, and that the transfer could not take place because of issues at CloudFlares end - they claimed I needed to cancel all transfers and then change tags first then start the Cloudflare transfer process

I knew this was rubbish as testing showed: change tags after starting transfer process as normal, tags were changed, move off change tags page, a couple of minutes later tags were changed back, but if I changed tags and left the change tags page open the tags did not get reverted and the transfer worked

In the end I completely ignored old hosting companies “fix” and sorted it by testing what the bugs in their system was doing & reported exactly what was happening back to them

Just got a few more domains to move away from them to Cloudflare and I’ll be sorted

One domain, a *.co, is still in the transfer process, Cloudflare page says “update the tags to speed up the process” but there is no way to change them at the old hosting co as there is no option in domain management for changing tags on some domain types and they have stopped responding to the open ticket about this

All other *.uk, *, etc., domains have now transferred

Thanks for the help

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