Trying to transfer domains

Im currently moving all my sites over to Cloudflare so that I can renew my domains cheaper. When I go to transfer the domains it says (against all my’s) “unsupported”. Is there any indication as to when this may be supported?


They are trying to add to the list of supported TLDs as much as possible, however due to contracts and issues that may arise, cannot confirm a time frame for when a TLD will be supported.


I would add that country specific TLDs are harder than most others.

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Yes… Not saying that I wouldn’t like .uk and to be supported though given that is what most of my domains are @SamRhea :smile:


I too have been trying to transfer my domain. The funny thing is, I’ve worked for companies who has domains and Cloudflare was the registrar hosting the DNS… domains are not currently supported in Cloudflare Registrar, however Cloudflare can provide the DNS and protection for a domain, as it can with any other domain, without being the registrar.

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They’re probably being roadblocked by Nominet for potentially destabalising the domain market… :joy:

Cloudflare is already a registrar with Nominet List of Registrars – Registrar Resources : Registrar Resources

So if they are a registrar with Nominet why dont they suport domains?

Because maybe supporting a gTLD isn’t as easy as one of the new TLDs since there are location constraints for who can buy one. Also being accredited as Registrars is the first step to a multi-step process which includes contracts and API integrations which may not be instantaneous (and most likely isn’t).

Fingers crossed they do soon - I’ve transferred almost all of my domains across to Cloudflaire now.

Until they’re nicely in one place - I feel incomplete. :slight_smile:


Is there a page that lists TLDs that are currently being added?

You can check it on here.

Are there any official announcements on when UK domain extensions are likely to be included?

We’re a UK based agency and manage about 150 UK domains, all go through Cloudflare for DNS so be great for them to be registered here too.

Let me know if I can help :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately not!

I am in the UK as well and most of my domains can’t be registered with Cloudflare at the moment.

They are not announcing new TLDs until they are completely finalised due to all the processes involved.

I guess that makes sense. Get the job finished before moving onto the next one. We should all do that haha.

Thanks for the reply - fellow UK digital person :slight_smile:

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@domjh Is there any update for Cloudflare handling domains?

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Hi @pauldreed,

Unfortunately not, Cloudflare don’t announce TLDs before they are available. All we have is that they are “working on more TLDs” along with the ability to register domains directly, but no timeframe, I’m afraid.

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You would have thought though, that 2 years was long enough to work it out…

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