Trying to transfer a domain to Cloudflare

I initiated the process three days ago. had already changed the IPS Tag to Cloudflare. My other domains didn’t take this long, although they are not UK domains and that was some years ago.

I’m suspicious because when I initiated the transfer it said the renewal fee was 0.00. I assumed I would have to pay the fee after transfer.

Cloudflare also says it is unable to retrieve the domain expiry date.

I tried to cancel it and reinitiate the process (thinking it might bill me on a second attempt) but that cancel button doesn’t work.

Registration status on Tucows whois just says: “Registered until expiry date.”

The expiry date is 08-Jul-2022.

Just to make sure: Are you following the guide?

I thought I did (I certainly followed a Cloudflare guide), but I’m not so sure after finding this.

The only thing that bothers me is this…


If you request your current registrar to update the IPS tag before completing the checkout process, the transfer request will be automatically rejected. You must complete the checkout process before requesting the IPS tag update.

…but I am almost certain I did it in the correct order because I got impatient waiting for Name dot com to change the tag. Is there any way I can check the date I completed the checkout process?

Transfer fee is $0. Login to Nominet to see where your domain is.
I transferred yesterday, not as smooth as a .com transfer.

The “Invalid expiry” stayed on my dashboard until I got an email saying transfer was complete.

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Thanks for the info. Nominent says it’s with I’m tempted to pay Nominet’s transfer fee if it will get the job done.

Wait a short while longer. I just got support ticket reply saying the team has made a fix. Maybe you’ll get lumped into my fix also.

Will do. I guess I’ll wait til Monday or Tuesday. Thanks in advance if it turns out you unintentionally resolve this for me. :grin:

I’ve decided to stop the transfer request on’s side and I’m going to transfer my other domains back to them. I need better/faster support options than this when things go wrong but I just don’t need 99% of the features factored into the price of the Pro and Enterprise subscriptions. I might as well just pay a tiny bit extra per year per domain to a different registrar just for the privilege of being able to very occasionally interact with a human support rep in a timely manner. Thanks for all the help anyway. I’ll close this.

I transferred 1 out also over the weekend and instantly renewed it there.
I was thinking the same, pay a little extra for instant support and reliable service.

I’ll probably transfer the second domain out also tomorrow if I don’t hear back from the Registrar team.

This problem is usually resolved by asking again your current Registrar to update the IPS tag, this update would kick the transfer process.

If help is still needed, please let us know the ticket number so we can take a look.