Trying to speed up DNS lookups

I have a really bad performance grade on my website.

I really am no expert but I have been trying all sort of things to speed it up.

I am limiting this thread to the DNS lookups, and the configurations surrounding this.

Please check this image:

I have a server VPS on DigitalOcean and I am using plesk to manage my websites.

My domain is registered at and pointing to the cloudflare servers.

What might be the issue and how can i reduce these DNS lookups?

I have created a video for you to see my setup:

Hope there is a friendly soul out there willing to take a look :slight_smile:

Any tips on my setup and performance improvements are very welcome!


Hi first, as this is a Cloudflare Community you pretty sure will not find any help for completely off topic things like:

  • how do I improve my site in general if I use [software]
  • is that the reason for my site beeing slow

this forum is mainly for Cloudflare so please do not expect things to be answered beside the ones that are related to Cloudflare.

Here some short hints/answeres about the topics you spoke about in the video:

  • 0:29 Well this is from Pingdome. I can not recommend them since some years as they changed completely and are not reliable anymore. Please stick with GTMetrix,, Google PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse (in Browser), WebPageTest

  • 0:33 Done some check on your DNS: your DNS is fine and fast.

  • 1:15-3:03 Your complete setup is a little “overcomplicated” but thats like I said out of scope. If you need someone who is bringing your complete setup, please hire a specialist. A specific supportforum is actually the wrong place to ask.

  • 3:45-4:05 About the Database you spoke: no the DB itself does not have anything to do with DNS, but could affect the speed of your site. But this again can be concealed with proper caching. Anyway 800MB is very big, even for a WooCommerce setup.

  • 4:18 “I dont know if caching on the website is actually doing any good”
    Your caching tools do work and are speeding up the responsetime of your server. But thats not the core problem.

  • 5:04-5:06 Yes. in general you should know what you are doing, otherwise things could end bad.

In general you have way too many requests and load way to much data.


Hello, I rest my case.

Thanks for letting me know that the DNS is fast and that cloudflare is set up correctly.

Sorry if I got carried away a bit there!

All the best and thanks for your friendly advice!

Kind regards,


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