Trying to setup ProBoards forum with custom domain

Hi all. Looking for a bit of help. Trying to setup my ProBoards forum with a custom domain. I’ve followed their instructions and my DNS page on Cloudfare looks like this:

Yet when I try to add the custom domain through the ProBoards admin panel, I get the message:

“We could not verify your domain details. Please check to ensure you have modified your domain’s settings according to our guide. You can contact our support team if you need assistance”

So I’m wondering if 1) the way I’ve set things up on Cloudfare is incorrect or if 2) there is some time to wait after applying the settings on Cloudfare before they can be picked up by Pro Boards.

Any input would be greatly appreciate.

Hi @tombeach1803,

Where does the forst A record you have point to? It looks like that points to somewhere other than proboards. You will also probably need to have all your records unproxied.

I’m not sure what record(s) they are expecting, but you will most likely need to remove that first A record and unproxy the www CNAME.

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Thanks for the swift reply!

Not sure what the A record was pointing to, it was there when I started the setup in Cloudfare. When I dumped the IP into my browser, it tried to connect to my domain. So my guess is that is the IP address of the domain (maybe)

I made the changes as you suggested and still seems to not be working. I suppose I should also reach out to Pro Boards on the matter.

This how my DNS setup on Cloudfare looks now:

No problem! Both those CNAME records are proxied (:orange:), you will probably need to change those to :grey: for proboards to verify them (give it 5 minutes after making them :grey: and check again before you contact proboards).

Awesome, thank you, all done now!

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No problem, hopefully that all works now.

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